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About Us

About Us

Fun Learners

In 2005, Mr Tan founded Fun Learners Pte Ltd. The company hopes to support schools in teaching aids, pedagogy and content knowledge.Mr Tan has great interest in studying the ways that allow learners to learn voluntarily and independently with great joy.

He engages learners by introducing the element of FUN and RELEVANCE into the curriculum. He believes in hands-on activities which enable learners to learn through their 5 senses.

Mr Tan's FARE Philosophy - Science is a tool to understand the past, appreciate the present and predict the future. It should be a knowledge that everyone is interested to acquire so that he/she can effectively interact with the surroundings.

Learning must be FUN. Student should be looking forward to come to school to experience new things and enjoy interacting with people.
Students should be encouraged and not reprimanded. They should be constantly being APPRECIATED and guided to gain enough confidence and self esteem before they step out to the real world.
Things learnt must be useful. Students must find the materials learnt RELEVANCE or useful. They should be able to apply the know immediately and see some form of results.
Use all senses to remember the things learnt. All past experiences are learning experiences. Students should be given as many EXPERIENTIAL learning opportunities as possible through all the 5 senses.
Fun Learners
We supply more than 1000 types of teaching aids.
We know your needs because we are parents and teachers too.
We source, create, modify, produce and explain.

What Our Clients Say

As a teacher, Funlearners is definitely my number 1 shop for the purchasing of teaching aids. Teaching aids helps to engage the students and deliver a concept in a more effective manner than just using powerpoint and Textbooks.
Mr Oh Ming Yeo - ex MOE school teacher with 10 years of experience
August 24, 2020
Thanks for your guidance in Physics for the past one year. You are a marvelous teacher who does not give up on your students. We enjoyed your lessons as you always make your lessons interesting and fruitful. We Hold you in high regards.
Yun Yean & Suting from Woodlands SS / 4C / 2004
August 24, 2020
Many fun and interesting teaching aids available that can be used for primary school and secondary school to allow students to have authentic experience and students are able to understand better! If desired items are not readily available, can discuss with the seller and he will be able to help devise and made one suitable for your teaching! Really helpful seller who is able to help to with his best effort! Very reasonable and affordable price too! 😊
Hong Ping - science teacher
September 14, 2020