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  1. 3D maze

    3D maze


    3D maze helps to train phychomotor skill, logical thinking and patience. Learn More
  2. foam dice 7 cm

    foam dice 7 cm


    foam dice 7 cm can be used for various games which require dice which is big enough to be seen from far. Learn More
  3. Hanoi tower 2

    Hanoi tower 2


    Hanoi tower is a maths game. Objective of the game is to transfer the disc from one mast to another with minimum steps. During the transfer, the bigger disc is not allowed to be on top of the smaller disc. The formula which govern this game is (2**n) - 1, where n is the number of disc used. Learn More
  4. snake and ladder

    snake and ladder


    Snake and ladder is an old-time mathematics board game which encourages counting. This set is about 20 cm x 20 cm, complete with 4 seeds and 1 dice. Learn More
  5. Hidden Objects Puzzle Books

    Hidden Objects Puzzle Books


    With the aim of finding the objects hidden in the pictures, not only are observational skills trained but mandarin skills sharpened as well as the book is in mandarin. The books come in a set of 8 different books. Learn More
  6. Blik Blok

    Blik Blok


    Blik Blok is an amazing 3D tangram game. It has 100 3D structures for the kids to build using 29 pieces of fine wooden blocks. It is an excellent game to train engineers, architects, designers, doctors and many other professions which require spatial intelligence. Learn More
  7. Shift puzzle

    Shift puzzle


    Shift puzzle is excellent to challenge children's (also adults) creative mind and to train their endurance in a fun way. Learn More
  8. North pole camouflage

    North pole camouflage


    North pole camouflage plays like a tangram but with some restrictions in the positions to place the pieces. Learn More
  9. S-TRIS


    Regular Price: S$20.00

    Special Price S$10.00

    S-TRIS Learn More
  10. Combined toys (solar powered)

    Combined toys (solar powered)


    Combined toys (solar powered) provides bars and screws for learners to design different structure. The structures can be connected to solar cells and gear system to make it move! Learn More

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