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  1. Ants home

    Ants home


    Ants home is a ant's aquarium to view the behavior of ants. (Note : ants not provided) Learn More
  2. Extendable lamp

    Extendable lamp


    Extendable lamp Learn More
  3. lung model with stand

    lung model with stand


    Lung model with stand demonstrates how the movement of the diaphragm causes the lungs to inflate and deflate. Learn More
  4. Torso 85 cm (21 parts)

    Torso 85 cm (21 parts)


    Torso 85 cm (21 parts) Learn More
  5. DIY VR goggle

    DIY VR goggle


    A virtual reality goggle is a head-mounted device that provides virtual reality for the wearer. Simply download any VR apps or go to youtube for 360 degree videos, you can experience VR with this affordable DIY device. Learn More
  6. pocket microscope 100X magnification

    pocket microscope 100X magnification


    Pocket microscope 100X magnification has a build in light source. Will automatically turn on when the handle is pulled away from the scope. Learn More
  7. DIY microscope

    DIY microscope


    DIY microscope is a simple microscope made from two converging lens. The distances between the two lenses, lens from eye and lens from object are able to adjust. Learn More
  8. 100W incandescent light bulb

    100W incandescent light bulb


    100W bulb incandescent light bulb is useful to produce heat to activate solar panel in many experiments. Learn More
  9. rubber stopper (for small syringe)

    rubber stopper (for small syringe)


    rubber stopper is useful for many experiments about properties of matter and air pressure. For example, itcan show that solid has definite volume, liquid has definite volume and gas has no definite volume. Learn More
  10. kitchen electronic balance (1 g / 7 kg)

    kitchen electronic balance (1 g / 7 kg)


    kitchen electronic balance has a precision of 1g. It can measure up to 7 kg. Learn More

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