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  1. Number balance

    Number balance


    Number balance is used to verify the principle of moments. It is also used in lower primary mathematics as activity for number bond. Learn More
  2. 3D magic square

    3D magic square


    3D magic square can play up to 4 pax. A game of 3-Dimentional strategy! Occupy as much territory as possible to win the game! It is suitable for 5 to 99. Learn More
  3. North pole camouflage

    North pole camouflage


    North pole camouflage plays like a tangram but with some restrictions in the positions to place the pieces. Learn More
  4. Blik Blok

    Blik Blok


    Blik Blok is an amazing 3D tangram game. It has 100 3D structures for the kids to build using 29 pieces of fine wooden blocks. It is an excellent game to train engineers, architects, designers, doctors and many other professions which require spatial intelligence. Learn More
  5. numbers



    Numbers is a puzzle which introduces many maths concept in a simple way. Children who play with this puzzle will subconsciously learn algebra, common factors, probability, etc. This game is suitable for age range from 5 to 99. Learn More
  6. Rotating disc (blank)

    Rotating disc (blank)


    Rotating disc (blank) has 10 empty segments for you to use at your discretion. It can be used as a disc, lucky draw, colour disc (to mix colour), etc. Learn More
  7. Pattern stencil 1

    Pattern stencil 1


    Pattern stencil 1 is a simple stencil which also allows kids to draw neat and beautiful patterns. Learn More
  8. wooden pattern block (60 pcs)

    wooden pattern block (60 pcs)


    wooden pattern block (60 pcs) has triangle, parallelogram, trapezium, square, diamond and hexagon. It is able to made a wide variety of patterns. Kids learn shapes, colour, size and many other skills through playing with this toy. Learn More
  9. pentago



    Pentago is a chess for 2 players. It is similar to tic-tac-toe but players need a row of 5 to win. To make the game more interesting and challenging, players must rotate any of the 4 plates 90 degree after every move. Have fun! Learn More
  10. The sea battle

    The sea battle

    Regular Price: S$10.00

    Special Price S$6.00

    The sea battle is a game between two players to systematically identify the positions of enemy's battle ships and destroy them. This game introduces the mathematical idea of "coordinates". Learn More

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